Florida Fines County $3.5 Million for Mandating Vaccines

Florida Fines County $3.5 Million for Mandating Vaccines

(AmericanProsperity.com) – Vaccine mandates have caused quite a stir around the country. Many people believe in the shot but disagree with forcing it on anyone. Republican Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida has been an outspoken critic of Biden’s mandates and policies, often standing up against what some observers call abuse of federal power.

The Sunshine State governor isn’t falling into line with Biden’s vaccine agenda. In fact, he’s pushing back, asserting that if companies in Florida mandate vaccines or proof of vaccination, the state will fine them. Well, some people don’t listen.

The state of Florida’s Department of Health fined Leon County $3.5 million for violating state law as described by Governor DeSantis in September. The law dictates that violators pay a $5,000 fine per incident.

Leon County violated the vaccine passport ban 714 times, leading to the massive fine, which it has 30 days to pay. The State of Florida explained that 700 employees for Leon County provided vaccine verification, with officials firing the 14 employees who had refused.

Governor DeSantis insists that the law is to stand up and defend freedom. The Florida governor isn’t the only one taking a stand. Governor Abbott (R) of Texas has a similar law, banning any establishment from implementing vaccine mandates.

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