Florida GOP Lawmakers Pass Legislation that Shields DeSantis’ Travel Records

(AmericanProsperity.com) – GOP lawmakers in Florida approved legislation on Tuesday that will shield the travel records of Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and many other state politicians from public disclosure. This bill was approved in the Florida Congress with a result of 84-31 after clearing the Senate in April. It will exempt the travel history from public records laws of DeSantis and his family, Cabinet members, the lieutenant governor, the House Speaker, the Senate President, and the Florida Supreme Court’s chief justice.

While members of the Democratic Party blasted the legislation, claiming it’s intended to help the Florida Governor in his likely presidential bid, Republicans in the state point out the bill is meant to protect Florida’s law enforcement officials and leaders to keep their records from the public.

Over the last few days, state liberals argued that even when this legislation shields information about where DeSantis traveled, it also blocks any disclosure of the people he met during his travels and the intentions of these meetings. The legislation’s approval comes as the Florida Governor has had a hectic travel schedule over the last few weeks, making international and national travels that experts believe it’s part of a strategy whose main goal is to boost his image ahead of an expected presidential bid.

Among his numerous trips, DeSantis spent time in some of the main nominating states in the country, along with Japan, Israel, the United Kingdom, and South Korea. His visit to Jerusalem shook public opinion in the Jewish state, as some of its national media outlets point out DeSantis is the second-favorite to win the GOP nomination after former President Donald Trump.

Earlier this week, the Florida Governor said he didn’t propose the legislation and claimed this was prompted by security concerns for Florida’s political leaders. During a press conference for bill signings, DeSantis told local reporters it’s irresponsible to pattern your movements if you’re targeted, as he claimed the current security situation is quite delicate.

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