Florida GOP Makes Big Political Gains

Florida GOP Makes Big Political Gains

(AmericanProsperity.com) – Over the past year, the mainstream media and Democratic party hammered Florida governor Ron DeSantis for his light-handed approach to COVID-19. Rather than forcing strict shutdowns and mask mandates like liberal leaders, DeSantis provided his constituents with the freedom to choose how to live their lives during the pandemic. Now, both he and his state are reaping the rewards of his decisions.

On Wednesday, May 26, Governor DeSantis spoke with Fox News during a town hall about the high numbers of Americans that moved to Florida in the past few months. He highlighted that the new residents are “overwhelmingly” registering as Republicans, including those who previously registered as Democrats.

Even businesses that moved to Florida have been enjoying the newfound prosperity:

DeSantis noted that the media told “phony narratives” about his state. For those who have been paying attention, Florida has clearly reaped the benefits of DeSantis’ policies. The Sunshine State’s new political gains will likely put it at the top of the list for many Americans considering relocation, and it has certainly put DeSantis on the shortlist for incredible leaders of the GOP.

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