Florida Man Shares Message to Trump Supporters

Florida Man Shares Message to Trump Supporters

LOOK – This Banner Appeared Over Trump Supporters

(AmericanProsperity.com) – The term “Florida man” has almost become synonymous with people doing crazy things like catching alligators in trash cans. While one resident’s stunt wasn’t completely insane, it did literally go above and beyond, sending a message to the former president and his supporters.

Sending a Message

Thomas Kennedy is a self-proclaimed activist and Democrat supporter. He is also a critic of Donald Trump, as most left-wingers are. Kennedy and a group of his friends decided to send not only the former commander in chief a message, but his supporters as well, when they paid $1,800 for a plane to fly a banner over Trump’s residence with “Ha Ha Ha” displayed on it.

The banner, apparently mocking the former president, flew over Mar-a-Lago for three hours just days after the FBI raided it. In an interview with NBC6, Kennedy expressed the event filled him with a sense of happiness and asserted he would do it all over again. He took to Twitter to share a video of the banner flying over the estate.

Kennedy added that was how people should treat “wannabe authoritarians,” explaining citizens should “ridicule and mock them.” In a separate tweet, Kennedy told those supporting Trump to find a better way to spend their time than defending a “billionaire grifter” who doesn’t care about them.

Raiding Mar-a-Lago

The FBI conducted a raid of Mar-a-Lago on August 8. Newsweek said the bureau searched the property thoroughly after a confidential source told them where Trump was allegedly holding classified documents. The unidentified officials noted the FBI intentionally timed the raid for when the former president wasn’t present.

Information regarding the raid has been scarce, with some sources speculating it had something to do with Trump allegedly removing and potentially destroying White House documents after leaving the Oval Office. Others have reported there may have been nuclear weapons intel at Mar-a-Lago, which the former president would have possessed illegally. Journalist Paul Sperry expressed concerns the action might have been related to the failed Russian collusion scandal.

Trump stated the raid was completely unnecessary as he has been cooperative with the relevant government agencies. The former president denounced the search, calling it an “assault” and “prosecutorial misconduct.” He claimed it to be just another “attack” from “radical Democrats” who didn’t want him to run for the presidency in 2024.

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