Florida Teen’s Dream Comes True She Gets Into Every Ivy League School

Florida Teen's Dream Comes True She Gets Into Every Ivy League School

Girl Genius – Every Ivy League School Made Her This Offer…

(AmericanProsperity.com) – As a high schooler, many teens are unsure of what they want to do in life. Still, there are some who have serious ambitions, and many high schoolers are doing what it takes to further their education and reach their goals. The years of hard work paid off for one Florida teen after every Ivy League school she applied for accepted her. Where will she go?

Ashley Adirika, a Miami Beach Senior High School graduate, was a prominent member on her school’s speech and debate team. The 17-year-old asserted in a video that her biggest dream was for an Ivy League school to accept her. Well, that dream has more than come true as schools like Princeton, the University of Pennsylvania, Brown, Cornell, and several other top-tier schools recently sent the teen acceptance letters.

The 17-year-old is a first generation Nigerian American and is looking to empower communities through policy work. In an interview, Adirika mentioned her short-term goal is to become a lawyer, but ultimately the hopeful student wants a career working in policy, using her legal knowledge as a platform.

The teen is well on her way to a successful career as she begins her next chapter of life at Harvard University in the Fall. Adirika noted that Yale had actually been her top choice, but after research and accounting for what she wanted to do, Harvard ended up being the better option for her. It’s an accomplishment to receive an acceptance letter from one single Ivy League school, but to have your pick of the litter is an entirely different level of accomplishment.

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