Floyd’s Lawyer Seeks UN Intervention in Case

Floyd's Lawyer Seeks UN Intervention in Case

(AmericanProsperity.com) – On June 8, Ben Crump, attorney for George Floyd’s family, asked the United Nations (UN) to intervene. He’s appealing for federal charges against Derek Chauvin and the other three officers involved, while also advocating for systemic police reforms. This appeal comes after Floyd’s death in Minneapolis on May 25 and the subsequent protests that sprung up all across the globe.

The requested reforms would include mandatory de-escalation techniques, independent autopsies, and the immediate release of body-camera footage after police killings. Also requested are independent oversight and public disclosure of law enforcement tactics.

The UN has not specifically commented on the appeal. Instead, UN Secretary-General António Guterres simply confirmed on Friday the UN should also look within themselves to bring truth, integrity, and action. They’re not condemning the United States or its law enforcement at this time.

While protests over Floyd’s death have gone global, requesting UN intervention is a bold move that could have long-term consequences. If the UN decides to intervene, it could set a new precedent on how to deal with high-profile cases.

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