Ford Facing Potential Strike With 3,000 Workers?!

( – Ford has just been warned of a strike that consists of more than 3,000 white-collar workers across the U.K.

This strike was proposed after union members rejected a pay offer from Ford that they were not happy with. It’s said that more than 90% of workers rejected the offer given to them and they have also implied that Ford has not been willing to negotiate any further. With this said the union warned Ford that if they did not go back to the negotiating table, they would begin organizing a strike that would take place from Liverpool to Essex.

It’s said that the union was offered “an unconsolidated one-off payment of five percent of their salary for 2024, meaning their actual wages will not increase this year.” They also said that management positions were offered “performance-related bonus payment, which provides no guarantee of a cost-of-living increase.”

Ford spoke out saying that they have been in negotiations with the union since the end of last year. “Whilst trade union members have voted internally at a members vote to reject the company’s offer, Ford remains willing to continue the dialogue through our established bargaining frameworks on the fair and balanced offer made,” the company said.

The union’s General Secretary, Sharon Graham, spoke out saying “Ford is acting out of corporate greed with its offers of one-off payments and variable bonuses. It is extremely profitable and can fully afford to put forward proper no-strings pay offers for these workers.”

Many members have even brought up that Ford had “stronger-than-expected” fourth-quarter earnings and therefore they should be able to offer the workers more, according to many members of the union.

The organization of a strike could potentially happen if Ford does not decide to go back to the drawing board and work up a new offer to give their employees.

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