Former Agent Says FBI Doesn’t Care, Offers CNN Producer Case as Proof

Former Agent Says FBI Doesn't Care, Offers CNN Producer Case as Proof

( – Former CNN producer John Griffin was indicted by a grand jury last month on alleged sex crime charges involving minors as young as nine years of age. Former Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) special agent is now questioning why it took law enforcement agencies 17 months to arrest the man after securing a search warrant.

Former FBI special agent Jane Turner, a whistleblower who exposed the FBI’s botched child sex crime cases in North Dakota’s Native American reservations, has taken on the bureau for many years. She told Fox News that Griffin is a sex predator who groomed children into sex slavery, suggesting that the agency had more than enough evidence to support an immediate arrest.

FBI previously questioned Griffin about a drone surveillance video in which he was standing in his underwear while talking to a naked nine-year-old girl in his Vermont home. Turner wants to know precisely why it took the agency so long to take action in the wake of such compelling evidence.

Turner, who calls Griffin a “very, very dangerous offender,” says the agency has been investigating the man for well over a year.

She also directly accuses the agency of failing to “give a damn” about sex crimes.

A similar scenario unfolded during the FBI’s investigation into former USA Gymnastics team doctor Larry Nassar, who was eventually sentenced to 175 years in prison on multiple sexual abuse crimes and an additional 60 years for possessing child pornography.

Former Olympic gymnast McKayla Maroney initially filed her abuse complaint against Nassar with the FBI. She claims the agency never took action on the allegations; instead, it took over a year for the agency to follow up. When it finally did, officials made false statements to save face in the mishandling of the abuse allegations.

Maroney told a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing that the FBI’s inaction essentially allowed a known predator to walk free for another 12 months after her disclosure. In addition, she accuses the agency’s officials of allowing Nassar to continue abusing young girls.

Turner continued saying the FBI will share a long list of reasons they delayed Griffin’s arrest, everything from building on other cases to dealing with uncooperative witnesses. Still, they should consider how many other children may be hurt in the waiting process.

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