Former Employees Get Huge Win Against Taco Bell

Former Employees Get Huge Win Against Taco Bell

Supreme Court Unloads A 9-0 Ruling

( – Taco Bell may be a popular restaurant among Americans, but it appears some of its workers, now former staff, weren’t too happy about the franchise’s practices. The staff members took the issue to court, where the judge ruled against the group. Nonetheless, they didn’t give up, taking their case to the Supreme Court — where they won, marking a huge victory for employees.

It all started when Robyn Morgan, a former Taco Bell employee, sued Sundance Inc, a franchisee of Taco Bell. She went after the company for allegedly stealing wages, forcing staff members to work overtime off the clock to avoid having to pay them. Morgan’s lawsuit entered litigation with the company, where it stayed for eight months before Sundance eventually filed for arbitration.

Morgan’s legal team asserted the company waived any rights to arbitration when it engaged in litigation and delayed. A district court ruled in favor of Morgan, but the court of appeals overturned the decision, claiming there was no harm to the case due to the delay.

The nation’s high court put the lower court in its place, ruling that courts can’t introduce special rules to favor arbitration over litigation. The Supreme Court ruled on the issue unanimously, marking a major win for employees who have suffered due to the unfair and illegal practices of Sundance Inc.

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