Former NATO Alliance Chief Says Troops Could Be Deployed

( – Former NATO Chief Anders Rasmussen said that a group of NATO nations would be willing to send troops to Ukraine. He said these member states are willing to take this step if NATO countries fail to provide security assurances to Ukraine at the alliance’s summit in Lithuania.

In comments carried by The Guardian, Rasmussen warned that offering security guarantees to Ukraine would be controversial. After all, this is something that NATO only provides to countries that are part of it. However, Rasmussen explained other nations would not permit the topic of Ukraine’s potential membership in NATO to be kept off the agenda.

Rasmussen delivered these remarks after current NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg delivered some comments that raised controversy in Europe. He said that while providing security guarantees to Ukraine will be on the agenda, NATO only provides this benefit to full members. He even cited article 5 of the Washington treaty, hinting he may not agree with this move, even when he has expressed his support for Ukraine.

The former secretary general said that some NATO nations might take action if the organization fails to provide a clear path forward for Kyiv. He revealed that one of the nations that are committed to providing full assistance to Ukraine is Poland. He added that this nation, along with other Baltic states, could even put troops on the ground.

Rasmussen also said that, according to what he has heard in different reunions, state members of Eastern Central Europe would take the same step as Poland. He added these countries would only feel satisfied with a clear path for Kyiv toward membership.

The former Secretary General has been working as an official adviser to Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky on the country’s possible future in NATO. Rasmussen has also been traveling to the United States and some European countries to notice the mood before the July 11th summit in the city of Vilnius.

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