Former Republican Officials Push for Trump Trial Date

( – Nearly a dozen GOP-appointed former senior legal officials and judges endorsed on August 14 the January 2, 2024 trial date that Special Counsel Jack Smith proposed in his case against former President Donald Trump. The case in question is related to the former commander-in-chief’s alleged interference in the 2020 presidential election.

The former Republican officials submitted the amicus brief to the US District Court for the District of Columbia. It comes as Trump and his legal team are making efforts to push the case against the presidential candidate until after the 2024 election. However, different reports have revealed that the final decision on this trial date will come down to Judge Tanya Chutkan by the end of the month.

Legal experts have said this brief represents a rebuke of the former president’s legal team’s calls for these proceedings to be officially drawn out. They have also noted that the fact that the brief’s authors are former GOP senior officials is a hit to Trump’s claims that the trial’s timeline is a “partisan exercise.”

The brief from the 11 GOP former judges and legal officials said that nothing is more important for Americans today than determining if Trump is guilty of “criminally undermining” the country’s elections and democracy. They also said that the United States needs to know if the former president took this step to remain in power even when the majority voted for then-Democratic nominee Joe Bien.

Among those Republicans who signed the amicus brief are retired federal appellate judge J. Michael Luttig and former Attorney General of the United States Alberto Gonzales. Luttig, who has been considered one of the main GOP legal experts, has become one of the main critics of the former president and the MAGA faction inside the Republican Party.

In the brief, the GOP former judges and legal officials cited the Speedy Trial Act, arguing that the special counsel’s proposed trial date is “reasonable” and “respect” Trump’s “own interests.”

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