Four Inmates Escape from Georgia Prison

( – Georgia authorities are asking for everyone’s help in finding four inmates who escaped from a jail on the morning of October 16. The criminals allegedly escaped from the Bibb County Detention Center around 3 am, after noticing a common area window that was broken and a cut fence. The Bibb County Sheriff’s office explained in a statement that the prisoners took advantage of this situation to escape, and noted that a blue Dodge Challenger parked outside the jail and picked the criminals. The car escaped from the scene as soon as the four inmates got inside.

The fugitives who escaped from the Bibb County Detention Center in Georgia were identified as Joey Fournier, Chavis Demaryo Stokes, Marc Kerry Anderson, and Dernard Barnwell. Investigators said in a statement that Fournier was in prison for murder charges, while Anderson was for aggravated assault charges and Stokes for drug trafficking and possession of a gun charges. Barnwell was being held by United States Marshalls for one undisclosed charge.

The investigators noted that the detention center is located nearly 85 miles southeast of Georgia’s capital city Atlanta. They also said that the investigation is ongoing and promised to bring these four criminals back to prison as soon as possible.

During a press conference, Sheriff David Davis said that internal footage revealed that the blue Dodge Challenger parked outside the prison earlier “in the evening,” and that the man who was driving it was collaborating with the inmates. When asked how the driver was helping the four prisoners, Davis explained he was tampering with the fence and bringing some tools into the fence’s “enclosed area.” The sheriff pointed out prison authorities believe that these tools were used by the four criminals to escape. He also noted that this all seemed planned and announced that police is also looking for the vehicle’s driver to bring him to justice and determine his relationship with the inmates.

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