Fox Legal Analyst Says FBI Wrong to Raid Project Veritas Over Biden Diary

Fox Legal Analyst Says FBI Wrong to Raid Project Veritas Over Biden Diary

( – A raid to discover information regarding a missing diary, conducted by the FBI last Friday, has come under fire from Fox media reporters and their legal analysts. The diary in question had sparked controversy shortly before the 2020 elections when National File made portions of it public. According to the reporters, the FBI has overstepped its bounds by targeting another conservative activist group, Project Veritas.

The raids targeted two locations linked to Project Veritas. FBI agents were searching for evidence related to a reported theft of Ashley Biden’s diary. The daughter of President Joe Biden is apparently missing pages from her private journal, although details are fuzzy at best. Gregg Jarrett, Fox News legal analyst noted, if the president’s daughter were the victim of theft or burglary, which are crimes, neither would warrant an FBI investigation.

The analyst didn’t even acknowledge the contents of the diary, which are somewhat controversial; his only concern being the bewildering infringement of the FBI over what most people would agree is a bizarre situation. Jarett claimed it spoke to the political targeting of Project Veritas due to its right-leaning content.

Fox and National Life appear to be pointing fingers at Biden for weaponizing the FBI for his own gain. In any case, Jarrett makes a strong point. Couldn’t the FBI make better use of its time doing something besides searching for a diary thief?

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