Fox News LEFT WITH QUESTIONS – “It Just Doesn’t…”

( – China’s spy balloon has infiltrated more than just United States airspace as media outlets rushed to cover the oddity seen hovering above U.S. military bases before it was finally shot down. Mark Esper, the former secretary of defense under President Donald Trump, joined Fox News to recall how the White House’s narrative around the situation just doesn’t make sense, according to The Daily Caller.  

Esper speculated that the relationship between China and the U.S. certainly was impacted by the “brazen” actions of China but noted that Biden refused to call the nation. The former secretary also spoke of how surprised he was that China would so openly send a balloon that surveilled the U.S., as it would make the first time in his memory that any adversary did something like this. 

The balloon had reportedly been shot down after it already hovered across the country for several days. President Biden expressed concerns that the balloon was obtaining information about “strategic sites” and ordered the U.S. military to shoot it down when it was over the Atlantic for safety reasons. 

Some of the materials from the balloon were Western made, resulting in Esper speculating that they were illegally obtained and then sent to the Chinese military and Ministry for State Security. He said that that situation would be nothing new because China had been doing it for decades. 

Other unidentified objects have been discovered in recent weeks flying over the U.S. The common narrative is that they are being seen as a result of “heightened surveillance,” according to Rep. Dan Crenshaw. Crenshaw also said that the U.S. does not know what they are but has shot them down because they posed threats to the Department of Defense facilities. But one user questioned how it is unknown what the objects are if they were shot down. 

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