France Announces New President After Weekend Election, and the Winner Is…

France Announces New President After Weekend Election, and the Winner Is...

( – France recently held its presidential election over the weekend. Though the winner may surprise most people, this person will lead France until the next election. The new French president is none other than Emmanuel Macron, who won his re-election bid despite abysmal approval numbers.

Even after Morning Consult reported Macron’s approval rating to be a disappointing 36%, with 59% disapproving and the other 5% not caring, he still somehow won the presidency. According to Daily Caller, Macron is the first French leader in the past two decades to win a second term, claiming victory over right-wing challenger Marine Le Pen.

Axios reported that the voter turnout in this year’s election was especially dismal, with only 72% of voters submitting ballots, which is even lower than the last time Macron beat Le Pen. The president’s main challenger asserted Macron’s policies would “destroy France.” The White House Chief of Staff, Ronald Klain, apparently thinks this is a sign that President Biden could win re-election in 2024, despite his very poor approval rating.

Macron and Le Pen fought a tough battle, but in the end, the French President took the advantage, claiming his opponent’s plans would spark a civil war and alleged she had ties to Russia. Le Pen may have lost, but she believes changes are still on their way in France.

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