Free Speech Could Actually Die Under New DHS Directive

Free Speech Could Actually Die Under New DHS Directive

( – Freedom of speech is one of America’s most absolute rights within the US Constitution. It protects citizens’ rights to freely speak their minds about virtually any topic — particularly subjects involving the government. Some people feel the Biden administration doesn’t care about the First Amendment and is more interested in stopping citizens from questioning its authority. The Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) new directive seems to be a solid step towards doing just that.

What They’re Saying

The DHS issued its newest National Terrorism Advisory System newsletter on February 7. The bulletin, which covers terrorism threats to America’s homeland, states that US citizens are the number one threat facing our country today. It explicitly names those with varying views of the COVID-19 pandemic. In a country whose first words in its governing document read “We the People,” “the people” are now considered terrorists.

The DHS lists the first factor contributing to the “current heightened threat environment” as the spread of “misleading” or various other forms of information that erode public trust in federal institutions. Specifically, it points out alleged false information online regarding COVID-19 and “unsubstantiated” instances of election fraud.

In other words, people are essentially not allowed to question the government’s narrative, or they could face being labeled as a terrorist threat to America.

Does the First Amendment not protect that unalienable right the people have to question or criticize the US government? The federal government only has powers given to it by the people or states. Is the Biden administration attempting to abolish the US Constitution’s first right to the American people?

United States of China

US officials, like many western governments, are quick to condemn the actions of the Chinese Communist Party and China. Yet, they seem to be slowly working towards such an establishment themselves. The DHS essentially listed people who think and speak for themselves as more significant threats to the US than Al-Qaeda, the terrorist cell responsible for the 9/11 attacks.

For the first time in American history, the US government is making political opposition a crime. And they did it without any sort of legislature involved. If you speak out against the federal government of the United States, you could be labeled as a domestic terrorist, and thus, subject to the Patriot Act.

Under the Patriot Act, alleged “terrorists” do not enjoy the same rights as others. Due process typically states that authorities may not seize property from an American citizen until the person is convicted of a crime. It can sometimes freeze accounts. However, the Patriot Act grants the government and law enforcement agencies the right to seize any and all property from someone, even those initially suspected of terrorism.

Who makes those decisions? A judge not necessarily of your district. A judge in California (or any other state) can legally sign the warrant of arrest or seizure for someone anywhere else in the country.

The DHS newsletter makes the case that anyone who “erodes public trust in federal institutions” is a terrorist. You can’t ask a single question about what the federal government is doing without it coming with the possibility of “eroding trust.” For that, you can lose everything you own before there’s ever a trial. What questions have you asked on social media within the past few years?

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