Freedom Rally Convoy of Truckers Headed to Capitol to Protest Mandates

Freedom Rally Convoy of Truckers Headed to Capitol to Protest Mandates

( – Canadian truckers are banding together to protest the government’s recently-instituted COVID-19 vaccine mandate for drivers. With American and Canadian citizens’ support, they are taking to the highways on a multi-part convoy that will eventually meet up in Ottawa to protest mandates.

British Columbia truck driver Colin Vatentim started the first leg of what the group is calling The Convoy For Freedom. Many more drivers are expected to join him.

Two other convoys will begin their trek at a later date. The eastern route is set to start on January 27 from Enfield, Nova Scotia, while the southern route will depart from Windsor, Ontario, on the same day.

According to Reuters, the Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA) says the requirement threatens the livelihood of over 20 percent of the approximate 160,000 Canadian and US cross-border drivers responsible for moving goods between and around the two countries.

As of Sunday, January 23, truck drivers and truck supporters managed to raise over $2 million via GoFundMe to fight the government’s forced vaccine mandates. Many truckers expect the restrictions to cause a shortage in drivers, which they feel will ultimately increase the cost of goods and services.

GoFundMe organizer Tamara Lich wrote a statement on social media saying the funds will help pay for fuel, lodging, and food for drivers who started a march from Vancouver to Ottawa on Sunday. She claims the mandate is destroying homes and businesses and that hardworking people are being mistreated, adding that too many people are being denied the basic necessities to survive.

The Canadian government said it would allow unvaccinated Canadian truckers coming back from the US to enter Canada at the beginning of the year. Still, it required that all US truck drivers be vaccinated before crossing the border.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is under tremendous pressure from the trucking industry and truck driver lobbyists to walk back the requirement. Many industry experts feel it negatively impacts the supply chain, the transportation industry, and thousands of businesses who rely on their services.

A mandate that went into effect on January 19 forced all unvaccinated Canadian truckers to be tested for COVID-19 and agree to quarantine when re-entering the country. That’s what prompted the current protests. The march will culminate on January 29 in Ottawa, the country’s capital, where drivers hope to convince the government to change the vaccine mandate.

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