French Website Lists These Symbols as Anti-Hate

French Website Lists These Symbols as Anti-Hate

( – Several symbols have been used to mark various movements throughout the course of history. A French website features numerous emblems and their supposed affiliations. The anti-hate site claims the symbols, such as the swastika, notably used by the Nazis, are utilized by hate groups. Yet, the site also lists mainstream Catholic markings alongside the swastika as icons of hate.

Breitbart reports that the website, known as Indextreme, claims to be observing, cataloging, and publicizing graphics it believes the far-Right in France has reappropriated as their own. Its database classifies the symbols into categories such as phrases, animals, crosses, flags, numbers, and gestures.

In the section covering crosses, Indextreme features the swastika as well as some images found in Roman Catholicism. The website claims fundamentalists of the far-Right have appropriated the Cross of Jerusalem, also known as the Cross of the Holy Land. Indextreme also acknowledges the cross as a “very ancient emblem of Eastern Christians.”

The site also lists the Cross of Lorraine among hate symbols. Indextreme claims right-wing extremists have subverted the emblem despite its association with the Resistance and Gaullism. The latter originates from General Charles de Gaulle, who led the Free France movement against the Nazis. Last year, the Canadian Anti-Hate Network released a school booklet that also plastered the Cross of Lorraine as a symbol of the far-Right.

The website claims right-wing extremists have reappropriated the Sacred Heart of Jesus, as well, due to its use by the Civitas political party. In the Catholic Church, the Sacred Heart of Jesus is a symbol of God’s love for mankind.

Indextreme’s inclusion of these Catholic symbols comes after its home country has seen several instances of violence against Catholic parishioners, clergy members, churches, and cemeteries. According to the National Catholic Register, there were 857 reports of anti-Christian incidents in France in 2021 alone.

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