Frightening Cyber Attacks on the Rise

Frightening Cyber Attacks on the Rise

( – Internet security has always been an important issue since the dawn of the web. It’s even more crucial now with COVID-19 on the loose. Over the past several months, cybercriminals have put patient records at risk by inserting malware into hospital data systems all across the US. Since the start of 2020, over 66 successful hacks have stolen patients’ personal information through phishing, malware, and ransomware.

While health providers try to ramp up their data protection to meet the rise of cybersecurity attacks during the pandemic, many pitfalls stand in their way. With an increasing number of employees working from home, it’s difficult to supervise online content and teach internet safety measures.

In response, other companies are taking legal action to fight scammers. Microsoft is suing the pandemic hackers in order to control the domains they used to manipulate their victims. This could help alleviate some of the coronavirus scams, but it isn’t enough to keep everyone safe.

Luckily, some hospitals secured patient data before it was too late.

This month, Mount Auburn Hospital fought off a malware attack by disconnecting their servers from the internet. While it had to resort to paper and pencil records for a while, the hospital was able to keep its patient data secure.

This was a huge win, especially put in contrast to the five years of medical records stolen from Rangely District Hospital in Colorado. In this instance, it’s believed that ransomware stole names, addresses, health insurance, billing information, social security numbers, diagnosis, and conditions.

While we can do everything possible to keep our computers, laptops, and cell phones free of cyberattacks, it’s vital that our health providers are informed and doing the same. Our prosperity and safety depend on it.

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