Gaetz Proposes Loophole to Grant Trump Immunity

( – Florida Republican Representative Matt Gaetz proposed on August 7 a loophole to grant immunity to presidential candidate and former President Donald Trump. During an interview on “The Charlie Kirk Show,” Gaetz said that Trump should testify before a House panel as a whistleblower, which could grant him immunity from Special Counsel Jack Smith’s prosecution.

The Florida lawmaker insisted that the GOP-controlled Congress needs to “exert its equities” to fight against what many Republicans believe is a political prosecution against Trump. When Kirk asked which would be an “efficient” way to do it, Gaetz said that the move would be calling the former president as a witness.

Gaetz explained that bringing Trump to give testimony and eventually “immunize him” wouldn’t be difficult as there are “layers of immunity.” However, he pointed out that to provide “full immunity” to the former commander-in-chief, a supermajority vote of the House would be required.

When asked if Trump could win this supermajority vote, Gaetz said this could happen if House Speaker Kevin McCarthy could set up a “select committee” as soon as possible. The Florida representative said Trump would get the necessary votes and House Republicans will be able to proceed with the “investigate work” they are doing on the Biden family and the “corrupt DOJ.”

Following those remarks, Kirk asked Gaetz if he could cite a similar case in United States history. While the lawmaker couldn’t provide any example of when or how this legal tactic has been used, he said this one could work even when it hasn’t been “used recently.”

In another part of the interview, Gaetz said he thinks that the areas where the House could offer the broadest immunities for Trump would be around the “conspiracy charges.” He also told Kirk these types of legal actions can sometimes have the negative consequence of eventually creating a “cascade” of follow-on-charges for the person who testified. However, he pointed out it would be difficult that this could happen with Trump.

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