Garland Claims He Would Resign Before Targeting Trump

( – US Attorney General Merrick Garland said in an October 1 interview that he would step aside if US President Joe Biden demands that he take legal action against former commander-in-chief and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. However, he clarified he doesn’t think the Democratic leader will put him in that position.

During his interview with CBS’ “60 Minutes,” Garland said that even when he’s confident “that will not happen,” he would refuse to “do anything in that regard.” He also said that, in case he considers it necessary, “I would resign.”

The interview took place at a moment when the Department of Justice is at the center of some of the most controversial cases in the United States’ modern history. These include the indictments against Trump -which includes his alleged efforts to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election and keeping top-secret documents, the US Capitol riots, and the investigation into his son, Hunter. The attorney general appointed three different special counsels to deal with these cases.

At CBS, Garland dismissed claims by the former president and some of his supporters that the cases against him were timed to affect his chances to win the GOP nomination and the presidential election in 2024. He explained these claims were “not true,” and pointed out that prosecutors from the Justice Department are “nonpartisan” and prevent any “partisan consideration” from influencing “their determinations.”

Garland also said that President Biden has never tried to interfere in the probes and dismissed criticism from GOP leaders that he was being soft on the president’s son. He emphasized that the Justice Department doesn’t have one rule for Democrats and another rule for Republicans, as the agency only has one.

When asked to explain it, he said this rule is to “follow the facts and the law,” and noted that every decision needs to be supported by the US Constitution. Further, the attorney general told CBS that the Justice Department will always respect and protect civil liberties.

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