Geomagnetic Storms Bring Northern Lights Across Country

( – A beautiful display of Northern Lights was seen from the United States, Europe, and New Zealand. These lights occur when charged particles from the sun reach Earth’s atmosphere and collide with gasses. In this case, these lights were able to be seen all across the globe where usually they are only found at the poles.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration issued a G4 geomagnetic storm event that was later categorized as a G5, which is “extreme.” G5 geomagnetic storms are able to affect infrastructure by emitting strong currents, interrupting power grids and disrupting satellite communication signals.

A large sunspot seventeen times the size of Earth was the main source of these visible Northern Lights. It has been producing multiple large sunflares that have caused activity all week and is supposed to continue.

With this, Mexico is enduring some of the hottest temperatures ever recorded for the month. The highest temperature in the area for May was 124ºF, just one degree below a national record for Mexico during any given month. With these intense temperatures, Mexico has set a new record for North America when accounting for that high jump.

The extreme heat is felt everywhere, especially in Mexico, which has put them in blackouts that can last hours in some cities. There have also been almost one hundred and sixty wildfires as a result of the extreme heat. In addition to all of this, a water crisis has been brought on by the drought due to the heatwave and there is no predicting when the heatwave will subside.

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