George Santos Faces Ethics Complaint From House Democrats

George Santos Faces Ethics Complaint From House Democrats

( – Freshly elected and sworn-in Representative George Santos is finding himself at the center of controversy. House Democrats recently filed and even hand-delivered an ethics complaint against the Republican directly to Santos himself. The complaint to the Ethics Committee alleges the new congressman didn’t accurately file a complete financial disclosure in a timely manner.

Representatives Daniel Goldman (D-NY) and Ritchie Torres (D-NY) filed the complaint against their Republican colleague and personally walked it to his congressional office in New York. The pair noted that Santos violated the Ethics in Government Act, which they claimed was created to “preserve and promote the integrity of public officials and institutions.”

Goldman and Torres explained in their complaint, that by the New York Republican’s own admission, and weeks of reporting, have shown that Santos has been dishonest about his race, religion, work history, education, and other aspects of his resumé. The complaint included the GOP congressman’s failure to file financial disclosure forms ahead of the GOP primary, questions of whether he used his company, the Devolder Organization, to engage in any fraudulent activity, and an inquiry pointing to the possibility of unreported income from interest.

The ethics complaint mentions that Santos reported earning more than $1 million from his company’s dividends. It also brings attention to data from Dun & Bradstreet showing the Devolder Organization has a revenue of $43,688 as of July 2022. Another bit of information the complaint draws attention to is that a disclosure form shows Santos owns property in Rio de Janeiro, an apartment, but the Republican himself has admitted to not owning any property.

The pair feels that if the Ethics Committee, evenly divided between Democrats and Republicans, investigates Santos and finds there’s evidence of allegations being true, the Republican should face disciplinary action. Santos has claimed he’s done nothing wrong. Before the Ethics Committee can bring forward any action against Santos, it first needs to decide whether or not its members want to investigate him.

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