George Santos Loses His Mind on Colleagues

( – New York Republican Representative George Santos blasted his fellow congressional lawmakers during a Twitter Spaces session on November 24 for engaging in behavior similar to what he has been alleged to do. He also accused them of trying to remove him from the House of Representatives because he’s “different,” and claimed that the House Ethics Committee refuses to punish the “unethical behavior” of many other congressmen.

During the nearly three-hour conversation broadcast on Twitter, Santos claimed there are people with all types of “sheisty backgrounds” in Congress and even suggested that some lawmakers tend to vote while drunk. Santos explained that some of his colleagues are always “worried” about going out at night to drink alcohol and participate in inappropriate relationships with lobbyists.

The New York representative also said that many lawmakers don’t “show up to vote” because they are “too hungover” and give their “card” to another person to vote for them. Santos pointed out these are some of the “many ways” that some congressmen “sell off” and “screw up” the American people. The Republican leader said that while everything he described happens “every single week” in Congress, there are no ethics investigations against the congressmen involved.

Santos’ rant against his colleagues came after the committee published a report where it said it found “substantial evidence” of his fraudulent business connections, as well as numerous violations of ethics laws and false campaign finances reports. The report also noted he allegedly used some of the campaign funds for his personal gains, which prompted criticism from many GOP lawmakers.

The New York representative is currently facing numerous federal charges. These include wire fraud, credit card fraud, aggravated identity theft, falsification of records, making false statements to US authorities, and conspiracy. As a result, many members of the House of Representatives have publicly said they will make efforts to expel him as soon as possible. While they tried to do it in October, the vote failed because some said they wanted to wait until more evidence was officially published.

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