George Santos Says Someone Tried To Kill Him

George Santos Says Someone Tried To Kill Him

( – Representative George Santos (R-NY) has been in the news a lot lately. Prior to being sworn in, news came to light that he had lied about much of the information on his resume and his life story. Now, an interview he did in December has surfaced, and Santos has made quite the allegations.

On December 7, the New York representative appeared on the Brazilian podcast Rádio Novelo Apresenta and discussed multiple attacks he had endured over the past few years. In one of the tales, which was translated and shown on MSNBC’s “Rachel Maddow Show,” Santos described coming home from a Republican event with his husband on New Year’s Eve to find his Florida home vandalized. He didn’t go into any detail about the incident but insisted that it happened.

Similarly, Santos dropped the bomb that he’d “suffered an attempt on [his] life, an assassination attempt,” but wouldn’t offer any more information. Host Rachel Maddow clearly expressed disbelief as she repeated the claim, likely given his history of telling lies.

One incident that he did go into great detail about, however, was a supposed mugging that he claimed happened right on the busy street of Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. During the summer of 2021, he said two white men mugged him in the afternoon, around 3 p.m., as he was leaving his office. As Santos told it, the thieves took his watch and his briefcase, and even more shockingly, his shoes. But the “worst of it,” he said, according to Mediaite, was that “Nobody did anything. Nobody did anything.”

Maddow has reached out to Santos for more information about the incident and the New York Police Department (NYPD) to determine if there’s a police report on file, but she has not heard back yet from either party.

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