Georgia County Says It Could Not Duplicate Election Results

Georgia County Says It Could Not Duplicate Election Results

( – Georgia finished up its third recount of votes from the November 3 election and recertified its results on Monday, December 7. But, one county said it was unable to properly duplicate the election results and could not certify its recount. This discrepancy raised many eyebrows across the nation.

Coffee County Georgia Fumbles the Recount

On Wednesday, December 9, Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger announced his office would investigate Coffee County’s inability to recertify the recount. A local Georgia news station shares more:

Coffee County elections director Misty Martin said the hand audit showed a 1-vote discrepancy, but the second recount yielded a 51-count difference. Some people believe the larger discrepancy came from Ms. Martin uploading a batch of 50 electronic ballots twice while using the controversial Dominion Voting System.

County Officials Take a Stand

While an investigation will likely take place to understand just what happened in Coffee County, a letter from county officials asserted that “to demand certification of patently inaccurate results neither serves the objective of the electoral system nor satisfies the legal obligation to certify the electronic recount.”

This clear stance against the electronic tabulation systems has many questioning the legitimacy of electronic voting machines used in this election.

Coffee County officials had voted to certify their original election night vote count, and the county has now uploaded its recount to the Election Management System.

Georgians Question Their Leadership During The Numerous Recounts

Since Election Day, Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger has called for the firing of two county election directors, one in Floyd County and another in Spalding County for their mismanagement of the election. These changes to critical election officials occur while Georgia continues to have lawsuits filed against it for election fraud and unconstitutional election practices.

House Representative Jody Hice (R-GA) spoke for many Georgians when she called for more transparent leadership during these confusing times:

Many Americans are unsure of what to think about the November election. Because of this, it’s more critical than ever to have transparency in our vote certification process and our leaders. Hopefully, Georgia will rise to the high bar that Americans are now demanding to ensure voting integrity across our nation.

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