Georgia Employers Hired Large Number of People in April

( – Georgia employers were strong in terms of hiring for the month of April as they added the most people to their payroll in that one month than they have in the last two years.

According to economists, the number of employed people in the state rose by over thirty thousand, which hit a new monthly record of almost five million. Unemployment for the state sat at about three percent for the fourth month in a row, showing no change there.

Although people are worried about some numbers, the job totals are deemed to be very beneficial. Georgia’s economy has been seeing fluctuation in terms of sales and income tax, which has shown that people are spending less in the state on goods.

The number of unemployed Georgians rose to one hundred sixty thousand, but the labor force and the number of unemployed Georgians hit an all-time high in the month of April. About four thousand-seven hundred people filed for unemployment in the second week of May, and the overall number of those collecting unemployment rose to almost thirty thousand. With this said, both of these numbers are lower than they were in the previous week.

The nationwide unemployment rate at the moment sits at almost four percent, which is higher than it was in the previous month and much higher than it was a year ago. All of these numbers for Georgia’s employment and labor force information are adjusted to account for seasonal or natural fluctuation, however, the job force in the state still sits on a positive note when reviewing the numbers.

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