Georgia GOP Passes Bill Requiring Voter ID

Georgia GOP Passes Bill Requiring Voter ID

( – Last November, Georgia dropped the ball when the state faced a variety of fraud allegations while counting votes for the presidential election. But, the state legislature is hoping to build back the people’s confidence in future elections through a new batch of reform bills, one of which would require voter IDs for all ballots.

On Tuesday, February 23, the Georgia Senate passed Senate Bill 67 in a 35-18 vote along party lines. The bill will require citizens who request an absentee ballot to provide a state-issued ID number or a photocopy of an approved ID when applying for the ballot. If passed in the House, this will replace signature verification, a process that was heavily criticized for its lack of integrity this past election.

GPB News shared more about the bill:

Other bills passed by the Senate could require election officials to release a breakdown of the total number of ballots cast before reporting any results and allow counties to process absentee ballots up to eight days before an election.

Georgia is learning from its mistakes and giving its citizens more confidence that their vote will truly count as they begin preparing for the 2022 midterm elections. Similarly, every American must urge their state representatives to check their own states’ election laws to reduce fraud and instill confidence in the election process.

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