Germany Requires Covid Vaccine To Die

Germany Requires Covid Vaccine To Die

( – Germany continues to see a rise in Covid-19 cases as leaders prepare to implement more contact restrictions and speed up their booster jab initiative. Experts warn that the Omicron virus could cause uncontrollable devastation if officials immediately address concerns and implement precautions.

As the German government prepares and takes the initiative to combat the coronavirus, no one is sending a louder message than the German Euthanasia Association Verein Sterbehilfe. Verein Sterbehilfe added a new directive saying it will only assist vaccinated people who want to end their lives by suicide.

The association says it has based the decision on the need for “human closeness” required by assisted suicide medical professionals and patients. The proximity is a breeding ground for potential transmission.

A recent court ruling in Germany declared the right to die applies to people in all stages of life, rather than just the terminally ill. According to the verdict handed down by the country’s highest court, individuals have the right to define their own quality of life and existence. That decision effectively renders suicide on demand a fundamental and constitutional right.

According to Coronavirus tracking reports for Germany, 68% of citizens are fully vaccinated. However, the country’s daily COVID-19 death toll reached 446, its highest point in the past nine months, on December 1. In addition, officials confirmed a total of 75,000 new cases on the same date.

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