Ghislaine Maxwell Notebook She Gave Staffers Finally Comes to Light

Ghislaine Maxwell Notebook She Gave Staffers Finally Comes to Light

( – Ghislaine Maxwell’s trial got underway with opening statements on November 29. Now, four days into the trial, things aren’t looking good for the Jeffery Epstein associate, whom authorities have accused of human trafficking and the sexual abuse of minors. So when the prosecution team called a former employee for his testimony, things started to get interesting.

72-year-old Juan Alessi took the stand to testify at the prosecution’s request. The former housekeeper mentioned that Maxwell gave all the staff members a 58-page manual in his statement. Alessi alleged that the manual told employees how to cater to Maxwell and Epstein, which he referred to as a couple, with Maxwell presenting herself as the “lady of the house.”

Alessi stated the manual, dated Valentine’s Day 2005, forbade employees from discussing personal topics with guests, making eye contact with Epstein, and disclosing the whereabouts and actions of Epstein and Maxwell. Along with the manual indicating what employees could and couldn’t say, a single bullet point asserted to “see nothing, hear nothing, say nothing.”

The former housekeeper claimed the “Household Manual” for Epstein’s Palm Beach, FL residence indicated that he and other staff members were to treat the house like a five-star hotel. They also received instructions to stock all of Epstein’s cars with $100 bills and keep the vehicles washed.

When prosecutors asked Alessi if he had ever seen anything strange after Epstein’s “massages,” the former housekeeper described instances of finding sex toys and having to make the bed after each session, suggesting sexual activity. Alessi also proclaimed that many of the girls giving Epstein massages during his time in the house appeared underage, noting one girl looked 14 or 15 years old.

In combination with the evidence provided by the prosecuting attorney, Alessi’s testimony is a pretty strong case against Maxwell. As of now, it appears that the court might hold Maxwell accountable for her potentially heinous actions. But the justice system must follow due process, and she is innocent until proven guilty in the court of law.

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