Ghislaine Maxwell Security Guard Reveals Plot To Use Doubles

Ghislaine Maxwell Security Guard Reveals Plot To Use Doubles

( – Jeffrey Epstein’s former girlfriend and longtime associate Ghislaine Maxwell is making headlines as jury selection begins for her trial in New York on November 29. The 59-year-old remains in custody without bail and currently faces sex trafficking charges. Now, her former security guard is speaking out about how the socialite managed to stay hidden for nearly a year after Epstein’s arrest.

It appears that from the moment Maxwell learned of Epstein’s death, she fully expected to become the main focus of a criminal investigation involving pedophilia and sex trafficking. But, in an exclusive interview with the Daily Mail, British security expert and decorated paratrooper Matt Hellyer revealed how they kept the most hunted woman on the planet hidden from the world.

During the interview, Hellyer explained how he and his team of former Special Air Service (SAS) collaborated with other security agencies to find at least two individuals who resembled Maxwell and her brother Kevin.

Hellyer continued to explain how the body-doubles would walk around in Paris for a few days and then purposely leak information to the media. He said, “Ghislaine was not running from the authorities; she was running from the media. And, you know, many people don’t believe Epstein killed himself. So we were also hired to protect her from a potential killer.”

The hide-and-seek game eventually came to an end when Maxwell grew tired of escaping from the media. Maxwell says she was often accused of being on the run but denies these allegations, clarifying that authorities always knew where she was. The socialite says that’s why she was surprised when the FBI staged a full-on morning raid at her estate in New Hampshire.

Maxwell feels the FBI only did that to gain maximum exposure, making her public enemy number one. The courts have denied her bail on at least three different occasions since July 2020, leaving her incarcerated ever since. If found guilty, she could face up to 80 years in prison for her alleged role in securing underaged girls for Epstein to abuse.

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