Ghislaine Maxwell’s Lawyers Say Juror Never Should’ve Been Allowed on Jury

Ghislaine Maxwell's Lawyers Say Juror Never Should've Been Allowed on Jury

( – Ghislaine Maxwell, a former associate of disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein, finally saw her case end in the form of a guilty verdict. New controversy has struck as Maxwell’s defense calls for a retrial, claiming the conviction was unfair because a member of the jury had been dishonest about their history.

Maxwell’s lawyers are calling for a retrial after revelations about one juror’s own sexual abuse as a child came to light following Maxwell’s conviction. The British socialite’s defense asserts the person in question, Scotty David, should never have been able to serve on the jury.

The jury found Maxwell guilty on five of the six charges against her in December. However, not long after the conviction, David detailed in interviews his own experiences with sexual abuse and how he talked to fellow jurors about what victims go through. The controversy stems from the fact David incorrectly filled out a questionnaire before being allowed to serve on the jury, namely a question of whether or not he or someone he knew had ever been the victim of sexual abuse or attempted abuse.

Maxwell’s defense found the revelation disturbing and called for a retrial, but the judge presiding over the case, Alison Nathan, said the court needed to hear from David, Juror 50, first. Nathan asked the juror why he failed to correctly fill out the questionnaire, to which he said he flew through the form and must’ve missed it or filled it out wrong by mistake. Maxwell’s legal team doesn’t find the answer convincing enough.

As of now, there hasn’t been an indication of any action as Judge Nathan hasn’t issued a ruling on the defense’s arguments. Veteran lawyers claim a retrial remains unlikely.

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