Giant Worm Pulled Out of Teenager’s Brain

( – Worms are great for catching fish and can be a sign that your garden’s soil is thriving with healthy microbes. But, most people like them limited to those spaces. For one unfortunate boy, a four-inch long worm ended up somewhere quite uncomfortable: in his brain.

Wen Xiaoli had been experiencing headaches for quite some time and eventually went to the doctor to investigate the source. After a bit of research and a few tests, doctors found a tapeworm in his brain, feeding on his brain cells.

Surgeons quickly decided to operate to remove this horrific invader. The surgery was successful, although doctors had to be extremely careful not to break the worm as they pulled it out or else it could continue to live inside his brain.

CNN shared one way these parasites make it into the human body:

However, for Xiaoli, it was not food that allowed the spirometra erinaceieuropaei larvae to make it into his body but rather a cut on his hand he received while skinning a frog. These infections are incredibly rare, but they are treatable. Just remember to practice good hygiene and make sure your food — especially pork — is fully cooked to avoid any unwanted larvae making its way into your body — or brain.

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