Girl Flashes Strangers With Emergency Sign, Gets Saved

Girl Flashes Strangers With Emergency Sign, Gets Saved

( – A missing child is a nightmare that no parent wants to experience. Yet, thousands of children go missing each year. While many are never found, there are plenty who do see their families again.

For one 16-year-old, the sight of police officers was a welcome one. The teenager was with 61-year-old James Brick and traveled through North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Ohio. Brick of Cherokee, NC, traveled to Ohio to visit relatives. When the 61-year-old’s relatives realized his companion was both underage and missing, Brick left with the girl.

That’s when the teen began using a hand signal from the popular social media platform TikTok to call for help discreetly. The hand movement the girl used had become a sign to indicate domestic violence, and the hand signal caught a passing driver’s attention. The driver contacted the police, who positioned themselves to wait for Brick’s vehicle while the driver followed him, reporting on his location.

The Canadian Women’s Foundation developed the hand signal as a discreet way for people to report domestic abuse during the COVID-19 lockdown.

The police performed a traffic stop and discovered the young girl, whose parents had reported her missing just days prior. According to reports, the girl and driver knew each other.  The girl initially went willingly with Brick but at some point became scared.  Authorities found sexually explicit media on Brick’s phone involving a minor. Brick is facing unlawful imprisonment charges and possession of sexual performance material involving someone between the ages of 12 and 18.

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