“Gold Star” Mother Who Criticized Biden Gets Instagram Account Deleted

(AmericanProsperity.com) – Since its invention, social media has been a place where people can share their burdens, joys, accomplishments, and struggles with friends and family members. But, when the mother of 20-year-old Marine Corps Lance Cpl. Kareem M. Nikoui, who died during an ISIS-K attack near the Kabul airport in Afghanistan last week, did just that; Facebook silenced her by deleting her account.

Following her son’s death, Shana Chappel took to social media to mourn her son and call out President Joe Biden for his disgraceful handling of the situation. She highlighted how Biden failed to lead our nation during both the swift withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan and when he checked his watch multiple times during the ceremony where her son’s body returned stateside.

However, after her heart-wrenching post, Facebook deleted her Instagram account. After making national headlines, the Big Tech giant responded that it had “incorrectly deleted” Chappel’s profile and quickly restored it.

Greg Kelly called out the social media site for its censorship of this gold star mother:

No parent should ever have to endure the death of a child, especially one that was likely preventable. Having major companies cut off communication in the days following such a death only adds to the pain. Hopefully, Facebook has taken note of its despicable move and will choose to support the families of our fallen veterans rather than vilify them.

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