Goldman Says There’s No Evidence to Impeach Biden

( – Democratic New York Representative Dan Goldman said on September 12 that there’s no connection between US President Joe Biden and the business dealings of members of his family. The Congressman made these comments after House Speaker and California Republican Kevin McCarthy ordered Congress committees to open an impeachment inquiry against the commander-in-chief.

During an interview with CNN’s “The Source,” host Katilin Collins asked Goldman how will Democrats handle this situation. The New York representative told her they would do it “in the same way” they’ve been handling this inquiry over the last few months, which he detailed as continuing to point out the “truth” and the “facts” about the president. He also noted that Democrats will keep claiming there’s no evidence to connect the commander-in-chief with anything related to Hunter Biden.

A couple of hours before this interview, the House Speaker directed Congress committees to formally open the impeachment inquiry into the president. This was based on House investigations into President Biden’s family’s business dealings overseas and his son’s prosecution.

About this issue, Goldman told Collins that Republicans haven’t found any “reference” to President Biden in any suspicious activity report related to the Congress GOP’s probe into his family. The New York representative said that Republicans had more than 12,000 pages of bank records, with none of these tracing back to the commander-in-chief.

He added that even when investigators have looked into suspicious activity reports related to the president, none of them “link to Joe Biden.” Goldman explained this is why House Republicans are always talking exclusively about Hunter Biden or the Biden family. He then noted that despite this situation, this inquiry is only against President Biden when there’s “zero evidence” to justify such a move.

While many Republicans support the impeachment inquiry against the Democratic leader, many moderate GOP representatives and senators opposed it. Many legal analysts suggest it would be difficult to see the president impeached, as the Democratic-controlled Senate will vote against it.

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