Good News! Unemployment Drops Again

Good News! Unemployment Drops Again

( – The economy continues to strengthen as Americans learn how to work, shop, and go about daily life amid COVID-19 safety recommendations and ongoing shutdowns. Now, there’s even better news in light of its rebounding spirit.

On Friday, September 4, the Labor Department released the latest job report outlining improvements in the US labor force. Nonfarm payroll employment rose by around 1.4 million in August while the unemployment rate dropped to 8.4%.

President Trump applauded the numbers in a morning tweet:

This is the fourth month in a row the economy showed upward gain. For comparison, the unemployment rate in April was 14.7% when over 20 million Americans lost their jobs.

A decent portion of the newly employed includes 238,000 Census workers who will be jobless again once their duties are fulfilled. Other citizens employed again include those in education, retail, and leisure industries.

Getting back to work is vital to both the American economy and the mental health of our communities. As individuals and businesses alike find their comfort level with how to go about their lives and safely open amidst the pandemic, America will continue to grow stronger.

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