Goodyear Under Fire — Diversity Training Falls Flat?

Goodyear Under Fire — Diversity Training Falls Flat?

( – A slide, allegedly from a staff meeting at a Goodyear plant in Topeka, Kansas, went viral this week when an employee shared it with the local news station. The presented policy caused quite the stir, including a strong call to action from President Donald Trump. Digging into the details reveals some muddy waters, however.

The slide in question can be seen here:

The “Zero Tolerance” policy outlined what employees were allowed to wear to work. While Black Lives Matter (BLM) and LGBT-based clothing are allowed, articles supporting the police or MAGA are considered “unacceptable.” The slide shows this particular Goodyear plant does not believe BLM is not politically-affiliated.

Upon seeing this company policy, President Trump called for a boycott of the company on Twitter:

After the post, Goodyear stocks fell 4%. Shortly after, they released a statement regarding the controversy:

This large tire manufacturer is in the spotlight for an employee allegedly sharing a photo of intriguing company policy. Goodyear denies the policy slide came from their corporate headquarters.

Is the slide real? That fact is still up for debate and we will keep an eye on this developing story.

However, what it IS, is a perfect example of why every American must dig into the facts for themselves to understand the different viewpoints at play.

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