Google PUNISHMENT Reached – They’re Settling!

Google Spends $400 Million To Settle Its Tracking Probe

Google Spends $400 Million To Settle Its Tracking Probe

( – Google, a search engine and the tech giant will be spending hundreds of millions of dollars to settle a lawsuit. The settlement comes after 40 states, led by Oregon and Nebraska, sued the massive company for illegally tracking the locations of its users.

The investigation, lawsuit, and subsequent settlement came after the Associated Press reported in 2018 that Google was tracking data despite users not wanting it to. The attorneys general who had participated in the action touted the win as historic, noting it marked the largest multi-state privacy settlement in the country’s history.

According to a statement from Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel, Google will be paying $391.5 million to the 40 states. Tom Miller, the Iowa Attorney General, noted in a statement of his own Google will also have to be more open with consumers about location tracking. Miller asserted that when a person has disabled their location they should feel confident that this decision is respected.

Reuters reports that other states have filed lawsuits against Google as well. Arizona recently sued the company and settled for $85 million. Indiana, Texas, and Washington state have also filed lawsuits against the Internet giant.

Will they be successful? And who will end up with all this money?

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