Google Won’t Track Location Data At Abortion Clinics — Here’s Why

Google Won't Track Location Data At Abortion Clinics -- Here's Why

Google Teams Up With Criminals In STUNNING Act Of Betrayal

( – In case anyone didn’t know, Google tracks user data, recording what people search and where they go. Since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, several states have begun the process of making abortions illegal. Google has asserted it won’t be tracking location data near abortion clinics and other sensitive areas.

Jen Fitzpatrick, senior vice president of Google’s core system and engagements, announced in a blog post on July 1 that the company will delete data if it detects a user has gone into a domestic violence shelter, abortion clinic, fertility center, counseling center, and other medical facilities. The search engine giant, which has allowed law enforcement to access its data to help solve crimes in the past, made the decision to protect users from police potentially using the data as criminal evidence.

Google is concerned authorities may use their location services to track women seeking abortions in states that ban the procedure. Pro-Life Action League executive director, Eric Scheidler, told the Daily Caller he doesn’t find the Google policy to be a problem, explaining he respects privacy. Scheidler also noted that pro-life advocates frequently visit these places, and Google wiping the location data also protects them.

Deleting location data is nothing new; users have always been able to manually erase their location history. But now, Google will clear the data automatically if a person is near abortion clinics or other potentially sensitive areas.

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