Google’s Hidden Logs Show Proof of Thousands of Privacy Breaches

( – A pattern of serious privacy breaches has been leaked from Google, according to Google employee reports.

Google reports that spanned over six years have shown an array of different privacy breaches that have been affecting everything from children’s voice data to home addresses of carpool users. These breaches have even made YouTube recommendations based on the user’s deleted history.

The internal database showed a variety of different breaches that have happened during this time. Some include breaches where sensitive personal information was exposed through emails, while others include serious data leaks and even raids on Google’s offices.

Another incident was the Google Street View mishap, which took place almost a decade ago when Google accidentally saved and stored vehicle license plate numbers that it recognized because of its text-recognition algorithms. Said a Google employee, “As a result, our database of objects detected from Street View now inadvertently contains a database of geolocated license plate numbers and license plate number fragments.”

Another breach was the exposure of millions of email addresses of which is an educational platform that Google acquired. This breach allowed geolocation and IP addresses to be accessible from the platform’s page source and this problem lingered on for over a year.

“At Google, employees can quickly flag potential product issues for review by the relevant teams. When an employee submits the flag, they suggest the priority level to the reviewer,” said a Google spokesperson.

Some things that you can do to protect yourself when using Google amid data dilemmas include using a strong password and two-factor authentication. Users should also use a secure connection and be wary of phishing scams.

People should also invest in data removal services and manage their social media settings to make them private and be cautious of what they share online.

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