GOP Continues To Back Trump, Ignores MSM Claims of Biden Win

GOP Backing Trump Despite Media's Claims Of Biden Win

( – As President Donald Trump continues to vie for victory in the recent election, many of his GOP supporters are standing by his claims of voter fraud and unconstitutional election policies in hopes of his winning a second term. This is a firm stand against the Left and mainstream media’s refusal to cover stories of fraud and abuse this election cycle.

On Monday, December 14, former Vice President Joe Biden received over 270 votes from electors at their state legislators. This shows that those who choose to stay with Trump are loyal to the core.

A recent Texas lawsuit filed by Trump’s legal team was denied by the Supreme Court, but that did not stop 17 Republican attorneys general and 106 Republican House representatives from backing it.

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) supports our President in both word and deed:

This comes while the mainstream media continues to claim Joe Biden has won the next presidency. However, the former vice president must wait until Inauguration Day to see if he actually makes it to the White House.

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