GOP Businessman Announces Another Senate Run in Ohio

( – Ohio Republican Bernie Moreno filed paperwork on Monday to challenge the state’s Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown in the 2024 Senate race, representing a major surprise since he’s remembered for suspending his 2022 Senate bid after a private conversation with former President Donald Trump.

Moreno, who is known for a being a successful businessman and a car dealer, filed paperwork with the US Federal Elections Commission in order to organize his GOP Senate campaign for next year. According to an NBC News report, a source close to the Republican businessman revealed that Moreno is planning to make his official campaign announcement next week.

As reported by the media outlet, the source said that Moreno filed the paperwork as he keeps exploring a Senate run. The source added that the businessmen decided to take this step after having several meetings with voters, Ohio conservative activists, donors and business leaders all across the state. 

In 2022, Moreno published a surprising statement where he announced he was stepping out of the open-seat race. He explained in the statement he took that decision after speaking with Trump, who convinced him of getting out of the race as he said there were too many MAGA candidates competing at the same time.

With this new opportunity, the Ohio businessman is joining what many expect to be another competitive Republican primary to recover the seat. After all, state Senator Matt Dolan officially announced his challenge earlier this year, with analysts pointing out he could be a significant threat to Democratic Senator Brown. While Dolan also ran in last year’s race for the other Senate seat of the state, he eventually lost in the Republican primaries to the current GOP Senator J.D. Vance.

The Ohio Senate race will be one of the most exciting in 2024, considering that the Republican party will try to break the minimum 51-49 majority that the Democrats currently have in the upper chamber.

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