GOP Candidate Accuses ABC News of Ignoring Hunter Biden

( – GOP presidential candidate Doug Burgum blasted mainstream media network ABC News on August 6 for ignoring the numerous scandals surrounding Hunter Biden and his business dealings overseas. During an interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, Burgum claimed that it was important to talk about President Joe Biden and his son, even when the network refuses to say anything about him. He then claimed that ABC hasn’t said anything about his current and past scandals, including the one involving “his laptop.”

The presidential candidate made these remarks after Stephanopoulos asked him about the current state of his campaign and the latest indictment against former president Donald Trump. When Burgum started to talk about the Biden family, the ABC host interrupted him to ask if former vice president and presidential candidate Mike Pence was right when “he certified.”

At one moment, Burgum told Stephanopoulos that Americans are “concerned” about the scandals surrounding the Biden family. He then said that many people “on the ground” aren’t watching Sunday programs and are asking themselves why the Department of Justice attacks Trump and defends Hunter Biden. The presidential candidate also explained that many Americans believe this way of acting from the DOJ seems “political.”

The former president was indicted on August 1 by Special Counsel Jack Smith for his alleged role in the Capitol riot and allegedly trying to overturn the presidential election in 2020. Trump formally pleaded not guilty on August 3 and claimed that the charges against him were part of a “political persecution” orchestrated by the Biden administration.

Hunter Biden’s business associate Devon Archer testified before the House Oversight Committee on July 31. Archer told lawmakers about Hunter Biden’s corrupt business dealings overseas and described how his father allegedly spoke with some of his business associates on more than 20 occasions.

Before his testimony, two whistleblowers from the IRS also testified in Congress about how the DOJ obstructed and slow-walked Hunter Biden’s investigation.

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