GOP Candidate Says He Would Make “Major Concessions” To End War

( – GOP 2024 presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy said during a Sunday appearance on ABC’s “This Week” that he has a plan to end the Ukraine war. He told host Martha Raddatz that he will make this happen by negotiating with Vladimir Putin and agreeing to “major concessions” if this would help to end the war.

The conservative businessman has promised that, if elected, he will stop spending “another dime” of US money on an armed conflict that doesn’t “affect our interests.” While this stance has been praised by some Republicans, many have criticized Ramaswamy and claimed that the US must stand alongside Ukraine.

Given his previous remarks, Raddatz asked him if he believes that it is not in the United States’ interest that Russia take over Ukraine. The presidential candidate responded that he doesn’t think this is the “preferable” scenario, but pointed out this wasn’t a “top foreign priority” for the country. He also explained that if he became president, his main focus would be on the alliance between Russia and China. Moreover, he told Raddatz that while China is the US main geopolitical foe, Russia is a “top military threat.”

When talking about the concessions to Moscow to end the war, Ramaswamy said that the main goal was that this could take on peaceful terms. He said this included freezing lines of control and even a “permanent” commitment from the United States and Europe to prevent Ukraine from entering NATO.

In another moment of the interview, Ramaswamy said that the United States is making a mistake in getting too involved in the Russia-Ukraine war. He said that standing against Moscow by sending economic and military aid to Kyiv will only make China absorb Russia into its influence zone. Additionally, he explained that this could eventually create a deep alliance between the two nations, which is currently a threat that the country is facing.

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