GOP Gathers to Nominate Trump for Second Term

GOP Gathers to Nominate Trump for Second Term

( – Following the Democratic National Convention (DNC) last week, the Grand Old Party (GOP) took the spotlight, kicking off the Republican National Convention. On Monday night, August 24, Leaders from across the US gathered to nominate President Donald Trump, as well as warn of what America could look like under a Biden presidency.

Speakers included a West Virginian nurse who worked on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic in Brooklyn, as well as Mark and Patricia McCloskey, who made headlines recently for defending their home against protestors. Both appearances praised our commander-in-chief for his commitment to preserving our rights and prosperity:

In addition, Kim Klacik, a Republican candidate for Congress from Baltimore, encouraged the GOP to speak up, even in left-leaning cities like her own:

Perhaps the most powerful speech of the night came from Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) who spoke of how his “family went from Cotton to Congress in one lifetime.” He encouraged voters to stand with the party that still protects the American dream:

Republicans gathering in Charlotte, North Carolina, to nominate President Donald Trump for reelection is a huge step for their party. Now that they’ve publicly rallied behind their official nominee, the race to the next term is on in full force.

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