GOP Governors In Conflict With Trump

GOP Governors In Conflict With Trump

( – Republican governors in Maryland, Ohio, and West Virginia are ramping up the frequency and scope of state-wide orders as protection against COVID-19. These actions are in spite of President Trump’s statement on Tuesday that he’d like to wind down the federal response by Easter. That left some Republican governors upset as they assess that their states are weeks or months away from the peak of the coronavirus pandemic.

The chairman of the National Governors Association, Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan, is concerned about the approaching COVID-19 peak that could further disrupt his state’s economy. He’s also perceived the message from Trump was “pretty confusing.” Hogan further said a price can’t be put on people’s lives and that the governors would be listening to scientists and facts.

In another tweet, Hogan said governors are leading and Congress needs to support their efforts to save lives.

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine said the economy will come back, so the priority is to protect as many lives as possible.

Governors have a wide range of powers to choose from during a crisis. Declaring a state of emergency is a more anticipated action, while more drastic measures include “shelter-in-place” orders. Traditionally, governors have the final say in public health crises and are independent of the authority of the federal government. There isn’t much the federal government could do to stop governors from shutting down their state or taking other measures to ensure public safety.

Let’s hope they lower the rhetoric and get to work!

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