GOP House Slams Democrats’ Dangerous Plan for Elections

GOP House Slams Democrats' Dangerous Plan for Elections

( – Democrats barely squeaked out the presidential win and lost ground in the House. Naturally, they worry about how to keep their congressional majorities after the 2022 midterms as conservative ideas and candidates gain momentum. Their plan is to give more power to the federal government with a new bill, which is facing harsh criticism from the GOP.

On Monday, February 22, all the House Democrats banded together and sponsored the For the People Act of 2021, commonly called HR 1. This bill would introduce a myriad of election reforms, such as:

  • Automatic voter registration
  • Expanding the federal government’s oversight of elections
  • Ensure Washington, DC receives “full congressional voting rights”
  • Eliminate voter roll purges
  • Stop gerrymandering

One America News Network shared more about the GOP’s harsh rebuke of the bill:

The proposed bill has been called both a “federal government takeover” and the “Democrat Politician Protection Act” by prominent GOP leaders, and a Wall Street Journal op-ed said the bill is “cementing Democratic political power.”

This bill hopes to rewrite the Constitution and give more power to the already enormous federal government so that Democrats have an edge in future elections. A firm rejection of this by GOP representatives is key, but Americans must also voice their disapproval of the bill to ensure it doesn’t make it off the floor.

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