GOP Lawmaker Blasts TikTok CEO for Not Protecting American Users

( – Republican Florida Lawmaker Kat Cammack blasted social media platform TikTok during a House committee hearing on Thursday morning, telling the company’s CEO Shou Zi Chew that this platform is not able to protect American users because it is “an extension” of China’s Community Party

Cammack told this to TikTok’s CEO after a video of her was posted on the platform and reproduced at the hearing. The video was threatening since it showed a gun firing and a caption that said the exact date she was going to attend the House Energy and Commerce Committee meeting.

About this situation, the Republican lawmaker said that the video was posted two months ago, way before it was publicly announced the hearing on the platform and its data security. Cammack claimed that even when the platform’s community guidelines point out that TikTok has a firm stance against violence, the video remained on it.

She also argued that if TikTok was not able to take down this video and ban the account that post it, just as it said it would do on its community guidelines, this only means that the company is unable to protect the American users’ data security.

About these claims, Chew explained during the hearing that he was notified about the video during a break, and said that it was immediately shut down after Cammack spoke about it.

Her comments come at a moment where numerous lawmakers of the Democratic and Republican parties are expressing concerns about the potential threat that TikTok represents for the US national security, to the point where some of them are making efforts to fully ban the Chinese social media platform. 

Over the last few years, they have been arguing that TikTok could use users’ personal information not only to locate and drive misinformation efforts but also to track browsing history. In fact, experts and former intelligence agents have also called for its prohibition in the United States, considering that TikTok allegedly stores all types of data of its users and sends it to China’s dictatorship.

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