GOP Lawmakers Pressure Biden to Allow Annual Veteran Group Event

GOP Lawmakers Pressure Biden to Allow Annual Veteran Group Event

( – While no amount of appreciation can ever do justice to the sacrifices veterans have made for our country, it’s always good to try. One such event is AMVETS’ Rolling to Remember motorcycle rally which takes place every year on Memorial Day. But, this year, it seems the Biden administration has pressured the Department of Defense (DOD) to deny the group’s permit.

After initial approval of the motorcycle rally in March, the Pentagon rescinded AMVETS’ permit to use the Pentagon parking lot as a staging ground for the rally. The DOD cited COVID-19 fears as the reason for denying the permit, even though the CDC has acknowledged the risk of transmitting the virus outside is very low and safety measures could easily be put in place.

Understandably, GOP lawmakers are pushing back against this decision, hoping to support the tens of thousands of veterans and their friends who are hoping to ride. Representative Brian Mast (R-MI) shared more on Twitter:

Hopefully, the Biden administration will reverse its denial of the permit and allow veterans and patriotic Americans to use the 70-acre Pentagon parking lot to organize their rally. It’s vital that our nation remembers the 82,000 service members who are missing in action and the dozens of veterans that face mental health crises every week, and this is a spectacular event to raise awareness.

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